6 Steps To Building A Resilient Brand

October 7, 2016
Defibrillator on a wall

How does a company build a resilient brand?  First, I think you have to understand what brand resiliency is.  It is the ability of a brand to be able to bounce back after rising challenges and to withstand failure and missteps.  

You need to figure out how to come from a hard situation, maybe something you have failed at, and become stronger.  You have to be accepting of change and learn from the experience.  Choose resilience over resistance.

These steps listed below won’t guarantee sustainability, but I think it will get your company on the right track.  Customers just want to have a straightforward idea of what they are getting and to know they can trust whomever they are working with.

1.  Know who you are and what you stand for.

Do what you say.  If your mission is to make a project easier for the customer, then you better have a way to do so.  

2.  Be honest and real.

If you make a mistake, own it!  Don’t make excuses or try to cover anything up, you will earn more respect and have a better reputation if you are always honest with your customers.

3.  Listen to your customers and employees.

This goes without saying, but really listen to them.  Take note of what they say and their opinions.  Word of mouth is such a powerful tool, especially for companies that are just starting out.  You want to listen and have people walk away knowing you care and appreciate their opinions.

4.  Choose partners with care

You are who you associate with, so be careful when choosing brand partners or aligning your business with others.  

5.  Evolve.  

Don’t lose sight of who you are or why you started your business.  You have to evolve and change based on needs and wants of your customers.

6.  Be Patient

Things don’t happen overnight.  The main thing is to be consistent.  If you are consistent in your work and messages you are sending to your customers, it will happen.