Authenticity: Keys to Increasing the Client Connection

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Written by Halee Shults

July 27, 2017

Authenticity: Keys to Increasing the Client Connection

Recently, everyone here at Code Koalas read a book by Dale Carnegie called How To Win Friends and Influence People. Carnegie hit on something that is at the core of humanity: authenticity is the key to making and maintaining real relationships.

Currently, all across the world, technology dominates a vast majority of our daily lives. Whether it’s a computer, TV, phone, or even cash registers, most of our human interaction is done from behind a screen.

While relationships and connection have been a human struggle since near the beginning of time, technology has slowly become a replacement for human interaction. Carnegie suggested that genuine concern for the other person’s good is becoming rare and relationships are becoming dispensable.

Let me clarify - technology itself is not what is affecting relationships in this way, but the way we as a generation have chosen to utilize it.

Interestingly enough, this approach is in complete opposition of how we’re built to function. As humanity has progressed, we have found ways to make life more “efficient” and “productive” but ultimately lacking any level of substance for the longer term.

People. Want. REAL. They’re tired of fake food. Fake friends. Fake religion. Fake parenting. Fake happiness. Fake love.

After reading this book, I began to reflect on my current position and how I could begin to combat the inauthentic exchanges throughout my day, when so much my job is behind a screen. It’s so easy to step into auto-pilot mode, get the information we need from people and move on. Changing the way you respond to people not only makes them feel important, it awakens your own humanity! In the business world, it sets you apart from many other companies and allows you to get to the ROOT of the problems that arise with customers and fellow employees.

Here are some of the changes I’ve been working to utilize to increase authenticity with those in my area of influence:

  • Act kindly when a client fires back with a frustration. Chances are, something somewhere was miscommunicated. Every problem can be solved.
  • Always, always, always take the low road with clients.This doesn’t mean be taken advantage of, but it means to always seek the connection over proving who is right.
  • Don’t be afraid to admit mistakes. I’ve found that when I or the person I’m working with admit a mistake, it speaks to their integrity stronger than to a flaw.
  • Be intentional with your words. Words have power - whether it’s in the realm of sales and marketing, or at home with loved ones. Often times, it’s only 1-2 conversations between when an idea is birthed, to when a decision is executed.
  • Show gratitude. Be conscious of how roles in other companies directly affect you and fellow employees. Without an ulterior motive, send handwritten thank you notes to people you work with directly.
  • Find creative ways to end your emails; Wish someone a wonderful day, come up with fun-day names (i.e. Marvelous Monday, Wonderful Wednesday, etc.) They may seem cheesy, but it breaks the monotony of the millions of emails signed with, “thanks” and “best regards”.
  • When in face-to-face meetings - ask clients questions about their lives, families, and hobbies. It may feel intrusive since we are such a private society when we are face-to-face, but people enjoy talking about the things that are most important to them. I believe it will surprise you how differently they will respond to you after just a brief conversation about their lives outside of the workplace.

No matter the culture, age or even job position, ALL people want to feel valued and of worth. Take the time to find out WHO your clients are, not just what they do. When we are task oriented rather than relationally present we miss vital information to be better people and professionals. Turning your attention to the needs of the people you’re working with, will not only make your job be more enjoyable, but the problems will resolve faster and easier.

No matter what you buy, sell or produce, your company will always make a influential statement to your clients and employees when you engage authentically!