Code Koalas Close-ups

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Written by tayler

June 1, 2016

Code Koalas Close-ups

Let's take a closer look at Robert Manigold our Ambassador of Awesome.

1.) What led you to begin working at Code Koalas and how long have you been here?

I started as a client for a startup project and quickly realized that Ryan, Josh and Jeremy were people of character that I wanted to be around. I remember telling my wife that I would love to work with them someday but didn’t think there would be any opportunity. 

2.) Why do you like working at Code Koalas?

Autonomy. I rise and fall by results I create and am given a significant amount of latitude to accomplish my goals and tend to my areas of responsibility. 

3.) What is your professional title and what does a normal business day look like for you?

Ambassador of Awesome is one of my titles.  Another is Director of Business Development. A normal business day is filled with meeting clients and partners, listening to pain points, and delivering diagnoses and solutions. 

4.) Who are your professional mentors and why?

George Pratt (a legend both at Southwest Airlines and in the industry) because he took time to realize potential and protected me from promoting too quickly.  

Kevin Smith (now of DFW airport fame) because he invested time in me and cared about my career.  

Herb Kelleher (founder of Southwest Airlines) because he worked very hard at being an example of a selfless leader.  Also, he is one of the funniest people in the business world.  With Herb every day was a holiday and every meal was a feast.  

5.) What is the funniest thing to ever happen to you at work?

Probably the time that my co-workers tricked me into dealing with an “irate customer” on an airplane so that they could shut the door and send me to Corpus Christi. I shouldn’t mention that it was revenge for something that I had done…. or that I very much deserved this.

6.) Best business book you’ve ever read and why?

Right now I’d have to say that “The Hard Thing About Hard Things” is my favorite because of the multitude of ways that the book applies to my daily life. Ben Horowitz is one of the people that brings up the really tough situations with clear advice on how to deal with them. Read it now if you are in the startup or tech world. You’ll thank me later. 

7.) What is on your desk, and why?

A lot of business cards (I go to quite a few events and meet a lot of people).

Three monitors in addition to my laptop screen (I like seeing everything… I mean everything).

A book of fake parking tickets for people who park terribly. (I haven’t used many of them because I’m currently in a terrible parking phase of my life as well, and I am choosing to take the non-hypocritical high road…. unless I see someone who parks worse than me and then they get a ticket…)

8.) What are your professional goals?

To make the people around me wealthy because of the options that it gives. Wealth isn't an end in and of itself, it just gives you more options. 

9.) What is the professional achievement you are most proud of?

Looking back and seeing that contributions to processes and procedures I have contributed to are still being used.  

10.) What are you complimented on most in your work?

The fact that I can always find something relevant to talk about or relate to with someone. I defy the reader to find a subject with which I cannot either relate to directly or tangentially… This comes about by being a huge nerd. Possibly dork but I prefer the terms “nerd” or “wunderkind”.