Designers Aren't People

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Written by Halee Shults

December 11, 2015

Designers Aren't People

A poem for Alex Benson

Designers Aren’t People

A Poem for Alex Benson

De sign ers are t h e worst

              Argu ing styles & fonts

C o l o r s ,   l o c a t i o n s

                          Brandings  and want s.

They don’t  like to take part

                                          in company meals,

           Their days and designs

depend on  how they feel.

On the flip side, however

          Designers can see

All potentials in view

  What the future could  be

Th ey         understand          aesthetics,

h o w the   human mind  b onds  

To shapes         and expressions ,

They know how to change  the response

                                      So here’s to Alex

                        The man with the eye

                                     We wish you success

        Th rou gh we’ re sad t o say b ye

As you move  onto Cremalab         

Keep us in your  heart

Remember , Designers   Aren’t People

Instead expressions  of Art.