Effective Leadership

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Written by Joe Wilkinson

August 12, 2016

Effective Leadership

There is only one type of leadership that is effective and it’s different for everyone.

There are leaders who used different styles. I’m sure you can think of several prominent entrepreneurs who earned a reputation as loud, brash or charismatic. At the same time, Susan Cain, David Rock and others have written about the power of quiet leadership. Leaders have been tall and short, small and large and come from all different walks of life.

So with this great variance in styles, techniques, and backgrounds, what makes an effective leader? Authenticity. The only effective type of leader you can be is whatever is authentic to your personality and experiences.

  • If you are loud, be thunderous.
  • If you are reserved, listen.
  • If you are charismatic, be charming.
  • If you like to move fast, act early and often.
  • If you make lists, plan carefully.

The worse thing you can do is try to emulate someone else’s leadership style when it doesn’t come naturally to you. It’s exhausting and your team will see straight through it. They may not notice the effort to emulate someone great but they will see the deceit and lose respect.

The road to recovery from a lost of trust is a long, uphill journey. Your job is hard enough as it is, be the type of leader you were meant to be.

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