The Flavors of Web Development

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Written by Amy Davis

December 12, 2017

The Flavors of Web Development

Our company could easily be compared to soup.

Stone soup to be exact.

For those who are unfamiliar with Stone soup, there was once a hungry woman who sat in the middle of town square and made a fire under a boiling pot of water which only contained a single stone.

After the people began to be drawn by interest to what she was making, she’d comment that it would be JUST perfect if she had a potato, then a carrot, and on down the line.

One by one, all the ingredients were contributed, transforming what was initially a pot of stone soup, into a hearty meal of broth and vegetables to be shared with those who so generously contributed.

Business isn’t that much different at all.

Most often we meet a client when they are needing a new website, but are unsure of where to start or how to achieve their end goal - dare we say with a pot that only contains a stone.

A pot of dreams and goals that need the contributions of others in order to come into fruition. That’s where we come in here at Code Koalas. We are forever on the search for the next innovator or entrepreneur working to get started and searching for someone to help execute their idea.

Our work begins with our project management team, then filters down to our development and QA team, and ends with the continued care of our retainer maintenance team. There are many hands bringing the creative pieces to the table (vegetables to the pot), in order to ensure that we have created a finished product to satisfy the hearts where the dream began.

We never imagined our company would be considered an eatery, but when it comes to taking ideas and turning them into reality, we’ve found that stone soup is our speciality.