How To Be A Good Leader Without Micromanaging

January 17, 2017
Relaxed team meeting

Everyone wants to be a good leader.  Being a leader is making sure you are getting desired results, short-term and in the long run.  You can go about this one of two ways.  You can give exact instructions on how something should be done or you can give your associates clear expectations.

A micromanager gives details on exactly how they would like something done and watches over every step of the process to ensure you are following their instructions.  This not only devalues the associate but also limits the possible outcomes.  Your employees will never reach their maximum potential and you will end up with more work for yourself by not delegating properly.

Giving clear expectations, checking progress, and then providing feedback gives your associates room to grow and gain knowledge.  This gives the employees an opportunity to work through problems and come up with outcomes that may have not otherwise been found.  You allow yourself more time by delegating, and the associate is then able to learn and grow within your company.

So when making your hiring choices be sure to pick the right people, someone that is a problem solver!  Make sure to inform of objectives and what a successful outcome looks like.  Let go of the reigns and give the associate a flexible path on how to reach the goal.  If you feel that micromanaging is needed for a project, it is probably time to have a conversation with that person.  It may be that they need more development or it could be that they are not the right fit for the position.