Let's Be Awesome Together

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Written by Amy Davis

August 10, 2015

Let's Be Awesome Together

By now I’m sure you know that we build awesome websites. However, we want you to know that we also connect with awesome people.

In order to skillfully build and masterfully create a website that reaches it’s fullest potential, it takes proficient and proactive developers, dedicating their time and energy into expanding every resource while creating a site that has a voice with the ability to reach across the world.

Let’s be honest, those accomplishments are claimed by web developers in every continent. Although the skill of our developers are second to none, that, in itself, is not entirely what sets Code Koalas apart.

We’ve all heard it said that no matter the potential value of the next million dollar idea, it’s simply an idea until the world discovers its value. Websites are crucial for propelling ideas, merchandise, and everything else under the sun to humanity. In a web world, it’s become the leading marketing tool for global presentation. In the day and age we live, many people are choosing careers based on the web, understanding that it is the key for the future, and rightly so. However, there is one key that we’ve strategically founded our company that is often overlooked in the crowded world of high end dev shops.

That key is you.

Behind every idea, every voice, every dream…is a person who had the courage to set a goal and stretch to reach it. Albeit important, it does not solely rely on the work of a master designer that brings life to a dream or the 150 hours of intensive development that causes people to turn around and take notice.

It’s your dream, your goal, your voice. The key to create a successful website is to stay in close proximity with the mind in which the idea originated.

That’s why we here at Code Koalas refuse to operate a company with all brains and no heart. We don’t simply value your idea, we value the one who owns the idea, and have created a system where you are involved from the first step to completion.

Do we build awesome websites? Yes! More importantly, we connect awesome people.