The Primary Key: Relationships

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Written by Amy Davis

August 10, 2015

The Primary Key: Relationships

Building and maintaining connections in the business world.

Kansas City is working hard to be known as America's most entrepreneurial city. The City of Kansas City and organizations within the Kanas City Metro area maintain an important connection between existing businesses while being the supporting hands that propel startup companies toward success. This blend creates an environment where entrepreneurship thrives. People are regularly relocating to Kansas City in order to start their businesses in a healthy environment, alongside a community who gives high levels of support and encouragement. Google Fiber began in Kansas City giving people access to gigabit fiber at prices normal people can actually afford opening up a world of new possibilities for anyone with a computer. These are just a few examples of why Kansas City is perched on the cutting edge of technology poised to do great things. But, technology alone cannot propel this city (and our company) to great heights because relationships with other human beings are the foundation on which great business is built.

As an account manager at Code Koalas, I'm overly concerned with relationships. When we take on new projects, I am the one who has the privilege of working with the Clients and making sure they are well informed of all stages of development. We know how it feels to be “left in the dark”, and my role promises that you’ll never feel that way. I’m always interested in people. My personal opinion is that you can never go wrong with getting to know people. Awesome relationships with awesome people produce awesome websites, and that’s my job. It excites me to have a part in bringing the dream of others to life. My relationship with fellow colleagues is no less important.

One event that I particularly have found to be vital in building and maintaining relationships with other entrepreneurs is 1 Million Cups. Hosted by the Kauffman Foundation, it is a weekly opportunity to engage and connect with fellow entrepreneurs, expand our networks, and discussing solutions we may be searching for. In addition to these benefits, we are given the opportunity to hear from two new presenters each week, allowing us to remain educated on the freshest ideas that are being presented to our city, and extend our own hands to help them reach their goals. Simply put, 1 Million Cups allows you to be involved in a large group of successful local entrepreneurs collaborating to build a better community.

It has been said that two heads are better than one and, likewise, the connections that surround 1 Million cups of coffee are far more productive than 1 lone cup. We have the opportunity to join our proverbial cups together along with our ideas and continue to set the bar of excellence to make Kansas City the entrepreneur capital of the world.

This amazing city has given us the keys, let's use them and unlock doors!