Thoughts On Spark KC

Robert Manigold
November 17, 2016
Sparks in the dark

I was excited for Spark KC this year.  For the uninitiated, it is an event put on by local AAF club every year specifically for people that are looking to start careers in the world of advertising.  Although most of the attendees are students at the beginning of their careers there are always people who have decided “mid-career” that they NEED to be doing something different.  

I particularly enjoy these events because they are attended by people full of hope, many  of whom have not had their souls crushed in any meaningful way yet.  I look at my role in the industry and our business as one of the people who are tasked with protecting the childlike hope and enthusiasm that they have at the beginning of their career for the entirety of the rest of their career.  One of the ways I do this is to attend events and challenge each student to pursue whatever their next phase of life looks like with enthusiasm that cannot be dampened by any jaded creatures they encounter along the way.  

The name of the event Spark makes me smile because it is emblematic of what the “best case scenario” looks like: there is a spark that turns into a fire that changes the world for good.  Each and every person does so in their own way and lives are changed based on people that you run into by happenstance.  

I want to leave people at the begging of a new phase an observation from a person who is in the middle of their career after having made huge changes in their life:  Never let anyone kill your enthusiasm and never ever quit.  If you follow what I just said you will, by most definitions, live a successful life.