Trends of Summer 2016 in Web Development

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Written by Robert Manigold

September 9, 2016

Trends of Summer 2016 in Web Development

Drupal Web Development Trends Summer 2016

Based on what kind of work we have been seeing lately across verticals and in different markets we have seen a few trends pop up:

  1. The tempo of significant budget allocation toward Digital development and creative has picked up.

  2. Companies in a growth pattern are starting to run up against Sharepoint customization "walls" and are being forced to choose either a) painful Sharepoint customization attempts or b) Picking another off the shelf solution or c) building a custom solution.

  3. Clients are becoming weary of offshore development and the headaches that have become more common in that area. Yes, there is still an enormous amount of digital work leaving the US but we are seeing Clients stating preferences that the work be done in the US.

  4. We are seeing Clients moving away from licensed web software to open source software. Sitecore Customers are becoming Clients of Drupal development agencies and we welcome them with open arms.

  5. Huge interest in Drupal (and other open source platforms and frameworks) has been generated by the fact that the government of the US is requiring significant open source adoption.

Robert is a partner at Code Koalas, a Drupal and mobile app digital agency located in Kansas City, Missouri.