What Is Wrong With "Good Luck"

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August 31, 2016

What Is Wrong With "Good Luck"

You hear it all the time, something people say without thinking twice about it. Kids in school, adults in their workplace, athletes at a sporting event, it is common practice for a variety of occasions.

Are we saying that luck plays a part in someone doing well on a test or a presentation?  I would say luck has little to do with it, don’t we create our own luck?  Did you study enough, practice enough, or prepare accordingly? It encourages the notion that success is out of the hands of the individual.

Instead of good luck, wouldn’t we be better serving people by saying “do your best”?  If you put in the work and effort and do your best, that is all we can ask of anyone.  So in my household and workplace, I encourage the notion that you create your luck, and stick with “do your best”!