Where To Find Winning Advice

Joe Wilkinson
January 31, 2017
Person giving advice to another person outside in winter

"We are drowning in information, but we're starving for wisdom" - Tony Robbins

Most advice people receive is stale. It's recycled from someone else and often repeated too many times. If you have heard the same advice over and over, it's one of two things.

1. It's good advice you should probably take into account

The fact that it has been implemented over and over successfully, means it is likely to help you too. It has stood the test of time for a reason. This advice is helpful but not transformative. To be transformative, advice can't be commonly implemented because if everyone is participating, it no longer can get you ahead of the competition.

2. It's terrible advice

So many people have been told the same thing, enough times, that it has been accepted as fact. Even without proper vetting. Maybe the advice worked 40 years ago, but today's climate makes it obsolete. Maybe it was originally said by someone famous and the advice has taken on a life of it's own. Without continuous testing, it's impossible to tell if advice is relevant or helpful.

The problem is you won't know which category the advice you have been given over and over again falls into. That is until you try it and have to live with the consequences. Good or bad. It's a crap shoot if you win or lose.

The better strategy is to look for unique ideas from highly successful people, especially if they came from very moderate backgrounds. These are the ideas that are much more likely to be 10X ideas. Meaning if you invest one unit of resources, you'll get ten back. Looking for 10X advice has the advantage of allowing you more leniency in failing. You can try eight failing pieces of advice before finding a winner and still come out ahead. This route is not only more likely to transform your life for the better, but you also have less risk of moving backward. Win Win.