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OmniBox TV

Omnibox is an innovative media company that realized early on the immense potential of having user's televisions connected to the internet. Their vision is to create a set top box that turns any television into a "Smart TV" with access to live programming, on-demand video, and apps. We developed an Android powered box to accomplish their goal, as well as branding, a website, and support.

We developed and deployed a robust NodeJS based API and back-end infrastructure to handle the demands of streaming video to thousands of devices simultaneously with support for regional streams. We then harnessed the power of Android's web-views to produce a seamless viewing experience to the user.

As we developed the set top box, we also designed a complete branding package with website and e-commerce solution. We created product design, packaging, flyers, print materials including a "quick start" guide, and finally to round it all out, a full vehicle wrap.