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Experts who are dedicated to helping you accomplish your goals.

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Dedicated Experts

Our team is passionate about one thing - creating the best digital experience possible. We do this by cultivating a culture of learning that encourages our team to be the experts in our field. Through continuously learning and seeking innovative solutions, we remain at the forefront of technology and transfer that experience into everything we do. Meet the team of developers, designers and project owners at Code Koalas.

  • Ryan Wyse Owner
  • Josh Fabean Technical Director
  • Justin Langley Sr. Developer, Acquia Certified
  • Jennifer Wyse COO
  • Rudy Wohlgemuth Product Owner
  • Jaron Ludwig Product Owner
  • Joe Cook Sr. Developer
  • David Belich Sr. Developer
  • Tiara
  • Eric Riggs Product Owner
  • Riley Toombs Developer

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