Innovative long-term solutions to make your creative vision a technical reality

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We Make Innovative Solutions

Code Koalas is a team of developers, designers and project owners dedicated to helping you accomplish your goals. We specialize in innovative user experiences and responsive designs built on the foundation of Drupal and ReactOS to help companies around the world create a solid foundation for their future growth.

PCI Compliance

Compliant and accessible websites that exceed privacy standards.

Custom Designs

Modern, functional designs that match your current branding.
How We Do It

Starting with wireframes and concept mockups, we build out a solution that makes sense for your business. Harnessing the power and flexibility of Drupal we are able to give our clients the ability to control how their content looks.

  • Drupal

    A robust, secure content management system that's trusted by the largest brands in the world to p

  • React

    We utilize the ReactOS framework to deliver a unified codebase across a variety of platforms, sav

  • Open Source

    Forget about relying on proprietary software that no one can understand.

  • API Integrations

    Need to integrate a custom service?
  • E-Commerce

    Building the foundation of your business through proven and secure e-commerce solutions, leading


K12itc focuses on providing IT services for more than 450 schools across the country. Their custom solutions help teachers and staff easily manage their technology infrastructure.