American Jazz Museum Case Study

American Jazz Museum mockup


The American Jazz Museum, located in the historic 18th and Vine district of Kansas City, came to us needing a complete redesign and overhaul of their existing site. Though the museum boasted significant educational resources that served to raise awareness in the public of the contributions of jazz in society, their existing website was out-dated and did not match the scope of their mission. Events were hidden within the website, and ticket purchasing was not intuitive. Their old website also wasn’t mobile friendly, creating a huge barrier in an increasingly mobile-centric world.

We initially met with the Jazz Museum, outlining their desired scope and creating an implementation plan. Since they wanted a better design, we collaborated with a local design firm to create an edgy, modern look for their site.

We also worked with their board and a local design firm to create a consistent UX experience, ensuring that the new site would be easily accessible to the general public


The buildout began by utilizing the solid foundation that is provided by Drupal. Using a required feature list created from our discovery, we installed all of the needed modules, creating an initial code base on which we could build upon.

We next built out all of the required content types, creating a seamless admin and user experience on the website. We themed each content category to match the design, focusing first on mobile scalability.

Once all the core functionality was created and working, we then focused on creating the rest of the user experience, including dynamic menus, registration systems, and the front page.

Throughout the build process, our developers consistently passed new functionality to our project managers to test. Once features were verified working in-house, we sent them to the client for final testing. Because of this approach, we minimized the QA time each time a new function was implemented.


The new American Jazz Museum site delivers a revitalized user experience across all devices. Events are clearly showcased across the site, and users are easily able to purchase tickets onsite. Core educational resources are easily accessible, building a greater awareness in the contributions made to our society by jazz artists. The American Jazz Museum is now poised to be the brand leader for the jazz movement, and will continue to enjoy increased revenue due to their easy to use system.


  • Build a user friendly website to promote events and exhibitions
  • Create better awareness of the museum
  • Showcase resources serving to educate the public on the historical significance of the jazz movement
  • Ensure a complete mobile experience
  • Showcase events with clear ticket purchasing options.

Core Solutions


  • Imagemagick to posterize images, adding a jazzy color effect across the site
  • Custom checkout solution allowing on-site ticket purchases


  • Seamless functionality across all platforms and multiple screen sizes.
  • Updated design aligning with brand standards

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