ATTC Network Case Study

The ATTC Network is an international, multidisciplinary resource for professionals in the addictions treatment and recovery services field serving the 50 U.S. states, the Pacific Island, Vietnam, Southeast Asia, South Africa, and Ukraine.
ATTC Network - mockup

Discovery and Design

The ATTC Network came to us with an existing site that hosted a large number of resources for addiction professionals and the public. Their site, while an international hub of addiction resources, had an antiquated foundation which made it difficult to locate and manage their content. Additionally, the site lacked a cohesive aesthetic across their regional and international center pages. ATTC also needed the functionality to make all of their content readily accessible and translatable to everyone.

Our team of designers took their company style guide, along with several example mockups, and designed a responsive website that would both look appealing to the end user and meet functionality requirements. We focused on creating a centralized branding style for all their regional and international centers, while still allowing each branch the flexibility they desired. We also did extensive discovery on the entire site, creating user stories and mapping out all functionality before buildout began to ensure a seamless customer UX. Buildout

When Code Koalas started the buildout, we internally mapped out every step and entity that would be utilized and confirmed them with the client. We then took that information and built the underlying structure of the site. Since many elements of the website were reusable, we first focused on building out and styling those features using Twig components. Once the initial elements were created on the landing pages, our developers were able to take those components and quickly integrate them into the rest of the website. We also integrated the Drupal translate module into the foundation of the site to ensure that all content added would have the ability to be readable and accessible by everyone.

One of the biggest challenges we faced was utilizing the MaxMinds GeoIP service to automatically identify and locate the nearest ATTC center to the user. Once we retrieved the location data, we were able to set the users default ATTC and applied a filter to the site which customized the resource listings to highlight content from their closest center. For administrators, resources were able to be grouped together and associated with individual centers, allowing each region to highlight and administer resources vital to their area. This comprehensive process ensured that every visitor to the website was served up an experience that was custom tailored to their region and needs.

Our developers worked in 2-week sprints on this project and regularly conducted internal QA with our product owners. Progress was communicated to the client weekly, and changes were made based on their feedback.


The new ATTC Network website delivers a reliable, future-proof user experience. Site administrators around the world are able to easily edit and change content for their region. Resources are easily accessible by professionals and are translatable for a variety of languages around the world. The entire site has a consistent aesthetic that aligns with ATTC’s branding specifications. ATTC’s new site elevates their brand and places them as the foremost authority in addiction treatment.

Moving forward

Sites evolve, culture shifts and requirements change. That’s why we don’t just focus on delivering an excellent site - we also focus on maintaining an ongoing relationship with our clients. We continue to provide support for ATTC and work to ensure that any future needs or feature build outs are handled quickly and professionally.


  • Rebuild the website on a modern Drupal 8 framework
  • Integrate an updated workflow for administrators to easily create and edit content and resources
  • Create a centralized site-wide style and aesthetic for all regional centers
  • Ensure that all content is accessible and translatable

Core Solutions


  • Beautiful, custom-made designs that fit their existing branding


  • Custom modules utilizing the Smart IP Module with MaxMind, allowing real-time resource filtering based on location
  • Reusable Twig components and improved stability with Drupal 8
  • Drupal Translations allowing worldwide accessibility


  • A fully responsive website across all screens

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