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Chinet is the industry leader in disposable dinnerware and was the first to patent a reliable paper plate with strength and durability. Through years of innovation, they are an industry leader in environmental sustainability, making their products with 100% recycled content.
Chinet - mockup

Discovery & Design

MBB, an advertising agency in Kansas City, first approached Code Koalas looking for a local web firm that they could partner with to service their clients. Their client, Chinet, needed a new website to more fully compete in the online marketplace.

Chinet’s website was created in the early days of the internet and was outdated. It lacked many of the basic social features that consumers have come to rely on, as well as other features that would have given it a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Our team met with MBB to plan out the project. We were provided designs and conducted discovery on Chinet’s current website, as well as their outlined goals for the new site. Content types, page templates, menus, and elements were scaffolded allowing our project managers to easily grasp the scope of the project.


When we started building Chinet’s new site, we began by implementing the newest build of Drupal and creating all the content/entities types needed. Once the core elements were in place, our front end developers began to theme the site according to the designs that MBB provided. Solr search was deeply integrated into the site from the beginning, allowing for consumers to effortlessly search for content.

One of the biggest challenges we faced was creating a workflow that would seamlessly integrate multiple coupon vendors into the site. Knowing that ease of use for the consumer was a priority, we carefully crafted a custom module that would accept multiple vendor coupons, handling the logic for tracking and discounts behind the scenes.

We also spent time carefully constructing the product and recipe pages, which were intended to serve as a hub for community engagement. Ensuring that these pages looked and functioned correctly was vital to meeting Chinet’s business goals.

Throughout the buildout process, our project managers QA’d features and styles on the website as they were created and pushed to our development server. We also worked to migrate all of their existing data over to the new site to ensure that no existing products would be inaccessible at launch.

Once the site was complete and data was transferred over, we cloned the site to our staging server and handed it off to the clients for QA prior to launch. As MBB provided feedback from Chinet, we tweaked designs and updated functionality.


Upon launch, Chinet had a modern, responsive website that gave them a competitive edge in the marketplace. Traffic and user experience are improved, and the Solr search makes it easy for consumers to find recipes and products online. Multiple coupon vendors were integrated into the site, allowing for a seamless e-commerce experience. Chinet’s new website elevates their brand, creating a new online hub that engages people around the world in new and innovative ways.


  • Rebuild the Chinet website from the ground up with modern designs, code, and security
  • Showcase recipes alongside Chinet products to encourage utilization of the website as a social recipe hub.
  • Create a custom workflow allowing for the integration of coupons from multiple vendors
  • Increased traffic and sales company wide

Core Solutions


  • Integration of multiple coupon vendors into custom ecommerce modules


  • Custom modules allowing for geo-located store search
  • Apache Solr search across multiple entities


  • Seamless functionality across all platforms and multiple screen sizes.

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