Mixtape Monkey Case Study

Mixtape Monkey, a website which catalogs and shares mixtapes, was created to be a centralized platform for music fans to find new artists, as well as listen to their favorites.
Mixtape Monkey - mockup


Mixtape Monkey came to us with an innovative proposal: to create a mobile app that simulated the mixtape culture and brought it into the 21st century, allowing for existing users of their website to find new artists plus create, share and listen to custom mixtapes from the convenience of their mobile device.

Since the app was being created to complement an existing front-end website, we had the challenge of integrating several services while maintaining the existing workflow that end-users were accustomed to. Utilizing Mixtape Monkey’s branding standards, we created user stories and UX maps, designing the entire UI from scratch, ensuring that the UI had a fresh modern look while maintaining the workflow and general layout that consumers are accustomed to.


Through the discovery, we planned the buildout and outlined every update that needed to be deployed, ensuring that new functionality would maintain and compliment existing workflows. We organized all work according to user stories, ensuring that all functionality was covered in development.

Due to the development flexibility and community support, we chose Google’s Dart & Flutter platform to build out the Mixtape Monkey App. Our first step in development was creating the boilerplate infrastructure of the app, allowing us to quickly showcase progress. The next step our developers took was to take the existing paths and functions within the web application and modify them for use in the mobile API, while keeping existing functionality intact.

We then began to develop new functionality for the app. This included integrating the functionality of the TapeEater website and tying that functionality together with the Mixtape Monkey service. Since this represented the core functionality of the app, our developers spent a considerable amount of time testing these integrations.

Lastly, we built out functionality allowing both free and paid use of the app, ensuring easy onboarding for new customers plus increased revenue for MixTape Monkey. Google Admob was also included within the app, allowing companies to advertise on the free version of the app.

Throughout the buildout process, our project managers QA’d features and functionality on the website as they were created and pushed to our development server. We regularly handed off sections of the site to the client for QA, ensuring that everyone had tested and signed off on the style changes prior to launch. Once features were verified, they were pushed to a second server in a live testing environment for an additional round of testing.


The new TapeEater app by Mixtape Monkey delivers a fully functional mobile experience geared towards audiophiles and music lovers. Users are able to collect and manage their custom mixtapes from any website, as well as safely and legally share those mixtapes with the greater community, Mixtape Monkey’s new app elevates their brand, positioning them as a unique and important player in music communities across the world.


  • Enable users to manage their custom library of mixtapes on their mobile device
  • Allow fast, legal sharing of custom mixtapes from multiple platforms with other users
  • Integrate the functionality of tapeeater.com into a native mobile app.
  • Provide free and paid models of use in the app, generating quick user adoption while paving the road for increased revenue through in-app upgrades.

Core Solutions


  • Google Admob integration allowing advertisers to utilize the app.
  • RevenueCat integration enabling in-app subscriptions.

Open Source

  • Buildout in Google Dart/Flutter


  • Seamless functionality across all platforms and multiple screen sizes.
  • Updated design aligning with brand standards

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