Can open source software drive strong business growth?

David Belich
June 11, 2019
Person holding up a mobile device with a compass app open.

When you're tasked with selecting a platform for your company's next website or application, you can quickly become inundated with technical jargon, flashy sales pitches and fear mongering. Software companies want to make money, so they will often convince you that their proprietary software is the only viable solution through the vilification of their competition. Open Source Software (OSS), or license-free software that can be publicly contributed to, often carries the brunt of fear mongering. After all, big software companies may say, why would you want the public to see your code and know how to exploit you? These and many other accusations are based in part of a poor understanding of what open source software is, and how it can positively contribute to better user experience and bottom line.

One of the biggest benefits of using open source software is that it's actually MORE secure than licensed, proprietary software. Due to a large community base of experienced programmers who are dedicated to delivering the best product possible, there are hundreds of eyes scanning every piece of code, ensuring that exploitations are patched and not overlooked. High community standards are held and enforced by all, resulting in a simplified, secure and reliable code base everyone understands. Proprietary software, on the other hand, has a smaller development team that is often pushed to get code out quickly to increase profit, often resulting in more vulnerabilities pushed out into the wild.

OSS also enjoys a high level of customizability. Gone are the days of 'one size fits all' - businesses need software that's built and tailored to their specific needs and workflows. Since OSS has a publicly accessible codebase that is easy to modify and understand, virtually any API or customization can be easily integrated into the core functionality of the software. And since there is a large developer community, it is significantly easier to find developers who understand and can implement your customized solutions. Proprietary software often has a smaller developer pool you can pull from, which increases development time and cost.

Utilizing OSS also ensures that you will never be forced into a long-term license agreement. Nor will you risk having to start over from scratch if the software company stops supporting your license. OSS gives you the ability to own your own software and keep it supported in perpetuity. Businesses need fluidity to survive; no one loves or needs unnecessary vendor lock-in.

Lastly, OSS developers tend to hold strong values of community, volunteerism, and collaboration. It's these strong values of freedom and fairness that shape the way OSS developers view code and treat their clients, resulting in a better software experience and end-product for your company. Are you ready to make a change and create new opportunities for growth through Open Source Software? Contact Code Koalas today and find out how we can help you build a strong foundation for your future growth through Drupal, React JS and other OSS!

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