Four reasons why you should trust Drupal to achieve longterm growth

David Belich
May 22, 2018
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Great companies and innovators have dreams and goals. Perhaps yours is to increase your net income this year, gain some valuable new clients, entice more people into your business or secure some market share. So what’s the difference between dreaming and achieving?

There are many reasons why your growth could be stifled. Poor sales, lackluster marketing, and blotched execution are only a couple of the common reasons companies fail to meet their goals. Other times the CEO dreams big only to be held back by technological limitations. Sadly, there are many factors that lead to failure, many of which may be outside of your control. Technology, though, should not be one of those reasons.

As you strive towards growth and building your brand, eventually the need to improve your website will come up. With so many options and development firms out there, what is the best option for your company? After all, you don’t want to have to rebuild your website again in a year just to accommodate more visitors. It should be done right the first time, with the ability to scale to meet your demands.

In a sea of options, whats the best choice for you? While Wordpress is a popular platform right now, in most cases the advantages that Drupal provides for growing businesses out weigh the benefits of Wordpress.


In nearly 20 years of web development, I’ve seen a lot of security breaches. Lost content, missed sales… time is money, and whenever your website is compromised you are losing money. It often seems that Wordpress is releasing security patches on a weekly basis to combat hacks, and that’s not even including the million+ plugins that many install and forget about. These forgotten plugins are often the only gateway hackers need to access your Wordpress site. In fact, a recent study found that over 73% of Wordpress sites are vulnerable to attack.

Drupal on the other hand, has been built from the ground up with security at it’s core. With salted passwords, encrypted directories and other security measures built in, your website is already more secure out of the box than most other business websites. Additionally, Drupal has a core security team of over 40 people working daily to ensure that the core of Drupal is as safe and secure as possible.


If you are planning to grow your business this year, scalability of your website is a key concern. Will it be able to handle the traffic that your new marketing campaign pulls in? The worst thing that could happen is your site crashes just as thousands of potential customers are trying to visit.

Everyone from small marketing firms to micro-sites and large international companies uses Drupal as their platform of choice. Even the White House’s website is built on Drupal. Additionally, Drupal provides for advanced user permissions that can be custom tailored to your needs. Unlike other platforms that require you to shoehorn people into a couple types of users, with Drupal you can customize exactly what you want your content editors, market analyzers, and customers to see and access.


Drupal is an active community of passionate developers, who’s goal is to create the best user experience on the planet. Through a large contributed group of modules, you can extend your sites functionality with ease. It just works. If the functionality you need isn’t available, chances are someone is already working on it or a development firm can easily create the functionality for you.

For front-end users, adding and deleting content on your site is pain free and makes sense. For back-end developers, the ability to customize any page with any content gives you full control to craft your clients brand.

Get What You Pay For

If you search for ‘web design companies’, chances are you will find dozens of small development shops trying to sell their Wordpress services, and only a handful of Drupal firms. Why? Wordpress is built to give people easy, templated solutions. Anyone can spin up a Wordpress site and download a theme, so everyone thinks they are experienced enough to build your website. But just because they can spin up a site in 10 minutes doesn’t mean that they should. You get what you pay for.

There’s a reason why Drupal shops are less prevalent than Wordpress shops. Development in Drupal requires you to actually know how to program. It’s not just point, click and install. It’s real programmers who know how to write real code that works out in the wild, and works right. Plus, many Drupal developers choose to go through rigorous certification processes, which ensures they are experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of development. You get what you pay for.

In the end, you have to ask yourself — can you trust your company’s reputation to amateurs? Your brand is unique, and should be treated with the expertise that experienced Drupal developers can provide. The time for mediocre, out of the box websites is over. Set yourself apart and plan on achieving those goals and dreams. Contact Code Koalas today, and let us help you create a solid foundation for your growth.

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